Do you have songs that just stick in your head? Ones that you just can’t shake, no matter how hard you’ve tried to get rid of them over the years?
It would be here that I could remind you of jingles such as the Oscar Meyer Weiner song and send you merrily humming away….but that would be mean, so I’ll just leave that out.

Music has such an amazing influence over our minds, helping us recall little facts and tidbits with a quick hum or whistle of a tune. Tapping into that influence can be a wonderful resource when teaching our children. Jingles and songs abound for learning scientific facts, color, the days of the week, dates in history, addition, multiplication, Bible verses, and more.
Over the last few years, we’ve been using a great little resource called Geography Songs: Sing Around the World produced by Kathy Troxel/Audio Memory. I originally purchased at a homeschool convention, but found it as an mp3 download from Amazon recently. As we work our way around the world and learn the locations of different countries, the songs on the cd have become a wonderful learning tool for us.
Geography Songs teaches the continents in small segments ~ rather than learning the entire continent of Africa at once, the focus is on the northern, eastern, or other parts of the continent. As we begin to study a continent we listen to the song a few times while sitting in front of a map. Our kids try to find the different countries and it quickly becomes a ‘game’ to see who can place the countries as quickly as possible.

I’ve learned so much through the simple and catchy songs and I know that our kids are too. Our four year old knows the continents and oceans and can name them quickly now, and even our two year old is trying to get in on learning and singing along with us!
Geography isn’t the only area of study that we’re using music these days. It’s spilling over into so many different areas of our schooltime and the results are so encouraging ~ multiplication, the atmosphere of the Earth, and Bible verses are just a few more things we’re singing about. If you can’t carry a tune then hum, whistle or find a beat and let your kids benefit from ‘hearing’ a new perspective on their studies. - Jolanthe

Jolanthe has found that she learns just as much {if not more} as her kids through homeschooling. She has been married for almost eleven years and has four children ages two through eight. Her interests include photography, organizing, re-organizing and blogging.You can visit her at her blogs No Ordinary Moments and Homeschool Creations.